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Sewing Alignment Laser

An alignment laser that works on most sewing machines to help with seam allowances and straight lines.



Sew Q Laser

  • Stable line doesn’t move while sewing

  • Increased accuracy for sewing and quilting

  • Can reduce sewing time

  • Easy to align and attach

  • Hard mounted & adjustable

  • USB powered & no batteries to recharge

  • Laser has on/off switch

  • Perfect for sewing and quilting

  • Patent Pending technology (U.S. Patent Pending # 63/363,423)


Make sewing seams easier with our alignment laser that is hard mounted to the sewing machine to allow stability so the laser doesn’t move during operation. Sew Q is plugged in by a USB port and is adjustable by tightening a screw. The laser shines well with machine and room lights on.

More questions on the Sew Q Laser? Contact us directly.

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